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ATO Clinic Cream

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This cream may be used to alleviate the symptoms of nappy rash, chapping, acne, rash, itchiness or sunburn.

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Size: 50mL

Origin: Australia

ATO Clinic Cream for dry skin is formulated to help in the relief of dry skin conditions which may cause many skin disorders such as itchiness, scaling, cracking or reddening. This cream may be used to alleviate the symtoms of nappy rash, chapping or sunburn.

Sigature ingredient
The signature ingredirnt of the ATO Clinic Cream is calendula officinalis. This wonderful herb is traditionally used for the treatment of skin disorders and pains including minor wounds, skin infections, burns, bee stings, sunburn, warts and cancer.


* Soothes the dry skin
* Moisturises and smoothes skin
* Contains protective and soothing ingredients
* Scientifically formulated for troubled skin

* Beneficial for troubled skin such as itchiness, reddening, nappy rash, sunburn and cracking.

This cream may be used for troubled skin such as itchiness, nappy rash, chapping, sunburn or cracking.


Directions for use;
Apply ATO Clinic Cream to troubled skin whenever the skin needs.